Online Testing

Welcome to WACEL online certification testing. Access is limited to WACEL-authorized individuals. Email to request authorization to register individuals to take WACEL online certification exams or if you have questions or need more information about the WACEL online certification exam process.

Exam Online Registration Procedures

  • Authorized individuals may register technicians to take WACEL online certification exams one at a time. A separate registration is required for each certification exam.
  • Registration requires that each technician have a unique email address that will serve as their user name to access an exam.
  • Authorized individuals must assign a password for each technician that the tech will use to access an exam.
  • Authorized individuals when registering technicians to take exams will see a list of technicians’ names associated with their office that have previously taken an exam. Click on the technician’s name and select the exam that the technician is to take.
  • If a technician is on the list of company personnel but does not have an email or password listed, those must be assigned.
  • If the technician is taking a WACEL exam for the first time with your office, type in the technician’s first and last name as you want it to appear on the certification certificate even if the technician has taken a WACEL exam while associated with another firm.
  • Following successful completion of the WACEL online certification program registration form, confirmation emails will be sent to the technician, authorized individual responsible for registration and WACEL staff that identifies the technician’s email and password to access the exam. The email will be issued one business day after registration.
  • Technicians must take the exam within three business days of receiving the registration confirmation email.

Protecting the Integrity of the WACEL Certification Program

  • All online tests must be taken at the employer’s office in a controlled environment and never offsite.
  • All online tests must be taken between the hours of 7am and 7pm.
  • WACEL created at least five versions of each field certification exam. WACEL staff will assign which version to each technician.
  • A technician who does not pass an exam, will never be able to take the same version during retesting.
  • Exam questions will appear one at a time on a single page. Technician can skip a question and come back to it later or revisit a question and change the answer before submitting the exam.
  • A bar will identify questions that have and have not been answered.
  • A PE of the firm or other WACEL-authorized individual must be present when the technician logs in and must take a photo of the technician and the technician’s driver’s license or other government-issued form of identification and submit with the application.
  • A PE must sign the WACEL Certification Program exam application certifying that no unauthorized aids were used by the technician during the exam and that to the best of his or her knowledge the technician did not cheat or compromise the integrity of the exam.
  • Technicians must also sign the application certifying that they did not compromise the integrity of the testing process and that they recognize if he or she is found guilty of cheating or compromising the integrity of the exam process by duplicating exam questions, using unauthorized materials during the exam or other similar actions, he or she will be barred from participating in the WACEL certification program for a period of five years and existing certifications he or she has obtained will be automatically rescinded.