Skill Matrix for Soil Testing and Inspection

Skill Soils I Foundation Technician
General Soil Knowledge
1. Can visually identify and classify soil in accordance with USCS    
2. Has basic knowledge of and can interpret soils laboratory tests (moisture content, sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, Proctor tests)    
3. Can obtain, identify and transport soil samples    
4. Can interpret basic earthwork specifications and site plans    
5. Understands the role and responsibility of a soils technician on construction sites    
6. Familiar with typical properties including compaction behavior of different soil types and their suitability for different purposes    
Field Compaction Testing and Observation Knowledge
7. Can perform field density tests by Nuclear Gauge or Sand Cone method    
8. Familiar with commonly used compaction equipment (and the suitability of each) for proper compaction of different soil types    
9. Understands the principals of the Sand Cone test including the relationship of volume to density    
10. Can prepare a written field report with appropriate locations    
11. Can perform field one-point proctors and familiar with applying to families of curves    
12. Can perform +4 correction      
13. Can perform trench corrections for nuclear gauge testing in trenches    
14. Understands typical field stakeout and offset markers    
15. Familiar with and can interpret soil borings and geotechnical reports    
Foundations, Retaining Walls Embankments and Miscellaneous
16. Can evaluate shallow foundations as directed by the geotechnical engineer    
17. Familiar with reinforced and segmental retaining walls    
18. Familiar with deep foundations    
19. Familiar with embankments, dams and impoundment structures    
20. Can perform basic topsoil strip check and can observe proofrolling of subgrades    
21. Familiar with general slope stability issues    
22. Familiar with shrink/swell soil issues    
23. Familiar with geotextile applications and construction methods    
24. Familiar with calibration requirements for field equipment    
25. Can perform visual inspection of reinforcing steel for shallow foundations and deep foundations.    
26. Familiar with excavation safety including OSHA requirements    
27. Completed basic radiation safety training and has certification (for Nuclear Gauge users only)