Skills Matrix: Concrete/Masonry Inspectors

Skill Concrete I Reinforced Concrete Technicians Structural Concrete Technicians
1. Understands the fundamentals of concrete at the basic level:      
  a. components      
  b. quality indicators      
  c. hydration      
  d. water - cement ratio      
  e. air entrainment      
  f. approved mix designs      
  g. batch tickets      
  h. curing to include cold and hot weather concreting      
2. Can determine specified testing requirements.      
3. Can properly take concrete an air temperature. (ASTM C1064)      
4. Can properly perform a slump test. (ASTM C143)      
5. Can properly test for concrete unit weight. (ASTM C138)      
6. Can test for air entrainment by pressure (ASTM C231) and volumetric (ASTM C173) methods.      
7. Can properly cast, store and transport concrete cylinders. (ASTM C31)      
8. Can properly cast, store and transport concrete beams.      
9. Can prepare thorough and legible field reports.      
10. Knowledge of ACI and ASTM concrete requirements.      
11. Can properly monitor and test grout and mortar.      
12. Can inspect simple reinforced masonry (storage & placement of materials, mixing, grout and mortar, reinforcement and anchorage).      
13. Can inspect batch plant operations.      
14. Can interpret plans, specifications, shop drawings and details for material, dimension, size and location.      
15. Can perform visual inspection of reinforcing steel placement.      
16. Has knowledge of proper handling and placement of epoxy-coated rebar.      
17. Can inspect basic vertical and horizontal formwork.      
18. Can perform post-tensioned concrete inspections.      
19. Can inspect complex reinforced masonry above the basic level (post-tensioned, non-standard details, etc.)      
20. Can perform observations, inspections, and testing for tilt-up concrete structures.