Skill Matrix For Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM)

General SFRM Knowledge Level I
1. Knows the purpose of SFRM  
2. Understand the organization of and use of ULI Fire Resistive Directories  
3. Can describe the different types of SFRM  
4. Demonstrates an ability to review SFRM specifications to extract pertinent testing information and/or to identify issues that must be addressed by the design professional of record  
5. Can discuss various safety considerations that must be addressed when inspecting SFRM  
6. Can review and extract required testing and observation information from approved submittals  
7. Can discuss the differences between restrained and unrestrained assemblies  


Field Testing and Observation
8. Knows how to properly measure SFRM thickness per ASTM E 605  
9. Is familiar with the wide range of testing frequency requirements that may be found in applicable publications  
10. Understands the difference in testing frequencies specified by applicable ASTM, building codes and standard specifications for thickness, density and adhesion  
11. Can describe the correct thickness testing procedures for standard structural elements  
12. Understands the two different SFRM density methods per ASTM E 605  
13. Can describe how to take and record a SFRM density sample per ASTM E 605  
14. Understands how to conduct an adhesion/cohesion test per ASTM E 736  
15. Knows how to determine and report deficient test results  
16. Understands the purpose of and can correctly use reduced tip thickness results  
17. Understands the various aspects of compete and properly SFRM application:
  a. Ambient temperature  
  b. Patching  
  c. Underside of roof decks  
  d. Painted decks  
  e. Painted/primed structural members  
18. Knows how to check proper application and thickness of intumescent mastic