Bituminous Concrete Certification Prerequisites

A Bituminous Concrete Technician shall understand the properties and proportions of the materials, and how they effect the mix; shall understand the different layers of bituminous concrete pavement and how each is placed and compacted to obtain quality pavement, and shall understand the laboratory and field testing procedures, and their relationship to the quality of the pavement.

Formal Education: Shall have sufficient formal education to read, understand, and execute written instructions, codes and procedures, and shall be capable of keeping accurate field records.

Recommendation: Shall be recommended for certification by a qualified supervisor. (In the event the applicant is unemployed or self-employed, this recommendation shall be furnished by a professional engineer familiar with the applicant's capabilities. Such recommendation shall also identify the circumstances which establish its propriety.)

Other Qualifications: Shall have other or equivalent qualifications established or subject to approval by the WACEL Quality Assurance Committee.

Written Examination: Shall pass the written examination for certification.