Technician Certification Programs

WACEL Technician Certification Programs

The purpose of WACEL certification is to assess an individual's knowledge of information deemed critical to the proper performance of the tasks associated with the work for which certification is sought. Certification implies solely that an individual has met WACEL criteria and prerequisites, and has passed an examination. A certification is valid for five years only. WACEL criteria, prerequisites and examinations are compatible with guidelines established by ACI, ASTM and local governments.

WACEL offers certification in the following disciplines:

General Prerequisites All Levels

Concrete Field Technician

Level I
Level II
Structural Concrete/Masonry Inspector
Concrete Lab

Concrete/Masonry Strength Testing Technician
SoilsField Technician
Level I
Foundation Technician
Level I
Sprayed on Fireproofing
Level I

Soils Laboratory Technician

Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge
Structural Steel
Bituminous Concrete
Aggregate Laboratory Technician

PDF iconDownload Certification Program Application

PDF icon Concrete I Study Guide
PDF icon Concrete II Study Guide
PDF icon Concrete Masonry Strength Testing Study Guide
PDF icon Soils I Study Guide
PDF icon Soils Laboratory Study Guide
PDF icon Soils Lab Practical
PDF icon Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material Study Guide
PDF icon Structural Concrete Inspector Study Guide
PDF icon Structural Steel Study Guide
PDF icon Concrete Practical Study Guide
PDF icon Foundations Study Guide
PDF icon Fireproofing Study Guide
PDF icon Aggregate Lab Study Guide

PDF iconDownload Certification Concept Statement